How It Works

The Basics

The M.A.P.P. Gathering originally launched on February 14, 2012 ~ a true gift of love to mothers everywhere.  It’s now available as a timeless resource.  Here’s how it will work:

When you sign up you’ll instantly receive your first interview link via email.  Then every day you’ll receive an email with a link to a new interview until you receive all 9 interviews in the series.  These interviews are available to listen through your computer or you can download the MP3 files and put them on your iPod or MP3 player.

But first, let me set the stage for the spirit of the experience …

Imagine an intimate dinner party.  You enter a warm, festive, inviting room. The lights are low, candles are flickering. Fantastic music is diffusing through the room.  You hear the ripple of women’s laughter as they curl up on sofas chatting with each other, opening up about their journeys, sharing their hearts.

You are able to saddle up next to each woman for a delightful, satisfying and meaningful conversation, one by one.

That’s why there will be one interview a day.

You can give yourself 45 minutes every day for 9 days.  Maybe it is when the kids are napping, or on your lunch hour, or perhaps after the house is asleep and you prioritize an hour of me-time: soul-enriching, true self-care time.

Get into your comfy pajamas.

Brew some relaxing, soothing tea.

Find your favorite chair, maybe even light a candle.

And listen to the interview of the day.

Then share your voice as part of the dialogue.

Connect to the community and share with others about this series.

Imagine this gathering reaching thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of mothers across the world.

And imagine the collective energy of mothers turning inward, hearing each others’ stories, reflecting on where they are in the journey, what they need to honor their next right step and lifting each other up in a loving community.

Tackling these issues is tough, important and deeply personal work.

It’s messy terrain for sure, but when women come together in the spirit of finding their truth and their deepest desires for the life they want to be living, the journey is lightened and all the wiser.

That is what you are a part of now.  (You are signed up, right? If not, don’t delay ~ sign up here.)

And, if you are ready: Go deeper, make it personal and get plugged in.

The Interview Series is a free gift from my heart to yours.  But something spectacular came out of my experience of recording the interviews … a guided way to apply the core concepts that surfaced from each of the interviews.  Learn more about the M.A.P.P. Toolkit ~ Vibrant Living Strategies for Moms: A Guided Workshop.