Meet Your Host

Welcome, I’m Lisa Grace Byrne.  I’m a speaker, teacher/coach, author and mother of 3 who founded WellGrounded Life, an organization that equips moms to live healthy, energized and self-connected lives.

It’s an honor for me to be a trusted adviser to mothers worldwide as they seek to regain their vibrancy and well being while raising a family.

My work with WellGrounded Life was literally born out of my own experience as a mom, as I put the pieces of my health and well-being back together from a depleted and disconnected place in motherhood.

I speak to groups, teach courses, lead workshops and coach moms worldwide to live energized and vibrant lives.

I also teach and train women who want to do life-giving wellness work with women as teachers, leaders and mentors through the WellGrounded Institute.

I believe that in order to be a happy and energized mother you must begin by being a healthy and self-connected woman.

And I also believe that a critical part of being a healthy and self-connected woman is to honor and nurture your passions and sense of purpose.

In the process of working with so many mothers all around the world, I’ve come to see that our generation is carving out a new way of mothering.  As modern women, we are navigating the path of motherhood while honoring our ambitions, passions and great purpose and in the process … creating a whole new path for ourselves and our daughters who will be coming after us.

From this realization, a vision has grown to host a small group of inspirational moms that are doing heart-centered work in the world to tell their story, share their lessons and inspire/engage other moms along the path as well.

That is exactly how The M.A.P.P. Gathering was conceived and born.

I’m thrilled you are here and are part of this growing collection of mothers exploring the right paths for themselves, honoring their own deepest needs while committing to exactly how they want to embrace being a mother and woman in the world.

Would you join me in spreading the word and inviting others to join this gathering?